Important Legal News: “3 separate primaries in NY?” and “New Law Requires Records Disclosure Prior to Public Meetings”

Barring an upcoming court decision or action by the New York State Legislature, counties could be coordinating 3 primary elections in New York in 2012. The first scheduled primary is the presidential primary which will be held on April 24, 2012. The next primary to be held is the primary election for federal office which will likely be in June, July, or August. Finally, New York law requires that the New York primary elections for 2012 be held on September 11, 2012. Additionally, some counties will be required to hold an additional primary election for the special elections that will be held to fill vacant seats in the New York State Legislature.

NYSAC is also awaiting a decision from the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of New York that will determine when the primary election for federal office will be held. It is anticipated that Judge Sharpe will rule that the primary be held in June, July, or August, but will not specify the date. Regardless of the outcome, the federal primary will not be permitted to be held on the same day as the New York primary election because the Military and Overseas Voter (MOVE) Act requires that absentee ballots be sent out to military and overseas voters at least 45 days prior to general election

NYSAC has asked the Governor and State Legislative Leaders to amend the election law to permit the federal primary election (non-presidential) and the New York primary election to be held on the same day. Alternatively, if the State elects to hold the federal primary election and the New York primary election on separate days, NYSAC has requested that the State assume all costs incurred by local governments for the New York primary election. (Melissa Pageau)

(2 because of the Presidential election is one thing, but 3 is simply wasteful financially, disfunctional, and an undue burden on citizens as to their involvewment in the process. This must be fixed!) 

New Law Requires Records Disclosure Prior to Public Meetings

Posted on January 9, 2012 by NYSAC

On January 3rd, Governor Cuomo signed a new law (A.72/S.3255B) that requires records to be made available to the public prior to any meeting taking place if the records are scheduled to be a subject of discussion by a public body and the meeting is subject to the Open Meetings Law. These records shall be made available to the public through the pubic entity’s website. Attached is a link to the new law language. (Patrick Cummings)

(Let your local officials know, if your municipality doesn’t have a website, they need to get one now)



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