Lobby Day in Albany Wednesday Jan. 18th, 9-5 ~ Unfunded Mandate Relief

Unfunded Mandate Relief ~ Lobby Day in Albany Jan. 18

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Important Message from Lisa Thrun of Americans for Prosperity (NYS and Niagara County)

Hello Everyone!

This year is full of many challenges, not only in our state but also in our counties, towns, and school districts.

Number One on Albany’s agenda should be unfunded mandate relief. The legislature must reduce or eliminate the regulations that require local governments to perform certain actions or provide specific services without funding or with very little. However recently, the governor quietly released a final report of the Mandate Relief Redesign Team without any fanfare or even a press release. The team’s report was underwhelming at the least (even to the team), not addressing the largest burdens to taxpayers; Medicaid, Triborough Amendment, and the Wick’s Law.

School districts and local governments are in desperate need for reforms NOW!

The Upstate Conservative Coalition (Capitol Region) along with their many partners around the state have planned for a Lobbying Day at the Capitol:

Unfunded Mandate Relief Lobby Day at the Capitol

Legislative Office Building, Albany

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 / 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

We are currently awaiting confirmation on holding a rally in The Well of the LOB at 9:30 am with several elected leaders.

Taxpayers across the state are invited to join us as we send a message to Albany that unfunded mandates must go! Please make appointments with your legislators prior to next Wednesday. Talking points will be available in the Well where we will meet.

Organizers and representatives from taxpayer groups across the state have appointments to meet with some Assembly Members and Senators. A representative from each organization is invited to join us for these meetings. Please notify us ASAP if you plan on attending these meetings. Please include what group you are representing and the county you are from. You can send the info to lthrun@afphq.org or thomasjcavanagh@yahoo.com.

The UCC has put together some information on mandates. Go here to learn more.
Our friends at the Empire Center for NYS Policy released today a report called Triborough Trouble. You can also read up on the New York State’s Property Tax Cap: A Citizens Guide. Remember–if taxpayers vote down their school budget twice—the tax level reverts to the following year’s levels—-a 0% increase. No more contingency budgets!

If you cannot make it to Albany, we encourage you to call, e-mail, or make an appointment with a staffer in your Senator and Assembly Member’s local offices. Write a letter to the editor in your local newspapers and help bring attention to these costly, job-killing mandates. More importantly, tell Governor Cuomo we need mandate relief NOW! You can call him and leave a message at 518 474-8390.


Lisa Thrun, Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity Foundation

New York Chapter, Grassroots Chair



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