16 Organizations from across New York Launch New Coalition “Clean Growth Now”, pro-drilling, pro-economic growth, pro jobs!


Pro-drilling groups officially launch new coalition

16 Organizations from across New York Launch Clean Growth Now 

Today, 16 leading New York organizations officially launched Clean Growth Now – a coalition supporting responsible natural gas development in New York. To find out more about today’s call, read our press release.

Members from every corner of New York will participate in today’s call, including the Greater Bringhamton Chamber of Commerce, Southern Tier Economic Growth, Inc., the Steuben County Landowners Coalition, the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, and the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters.Follow us on Facebook and Twittertoday for more updates, and use the #CGNLive hashtag throughout the day for live coverage.Roadmap to Clean Growth


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It would be a crime if we squandered this blessing.

“It would be a crime if we squandered this blessing.” That’s how columnist David Brooks concludes his excellent column in the New York Times . The piece—appropriately entitled “Shale Gas Revolution”—lays out a…

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New York—Can your job be a Marcellus job?

The old song says it best: “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.” Opponents of natural gas development and hydraulic fracturing are strong in New York, as evidenced by the state’s de facto temporary moratorium on drilling…
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Hydraulic Fracturing: Myth vs. Fact

Energy Citizens are more interested in truth than myths. But, there a lot of myths out there about hydraulic fracturing —energy urban legends. Let’s take a look at a few of them: Myth : Hydraulic fracturing fluid is dangerous to the public…

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The Power of Letter Writing

In November, we are asking all Energy Citizens To come together… To send a letter and share a message… To take action that will make a big difference. There is nothing quite as powerful as writing a letter. Letter writing is a personal and positive…

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Is More Than One Million Safe Wells Not Enough?

Let’s start with the facts: Hydraulic fracturing is safe. The security of hydraulic fracturing has been established by decades of safe use. Hydraulic fracturing is highly regulated, and poses no significant threat to public health. Opponents are…

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Want a Brighter Energy Future? Then We Need Natural Gas.

There is a mind-boggling amount of natural gas in the shale deposits of this country. Safely tapping these vast resources will free us from the tyranny of foreign energy dependence, massively stimulate our economy, create thousands of jobs, and improve…

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Take Action: Citizen Voices

With the upcoming 2012 elections, opponents of increased access to American oil and natural gas resources will redouble their efforts to try and influence the policy debate. How can we break through their noise? Help counter their message by taking action…

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When hydrofracking begins in New York State the inflated cost of doing business in New York will take its toll.

Hydrofracking is under attack again, find ways here and here to help create jobs in New York.

Why is Governor Cuomo allowing the EPA to slow down on hydrofracking?

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Gas group criticizes New York’s proposed drilling rules

Hydrofracking plan called ‘unjustified’ by independent association

6:16 PM, Nov. 7, 2011 |

Marcellus Shale
ALBANY — A gas industry trade group estimates the state’s proposed hydraulic fracturing requirements would cost companies an additional $1 million per well to drill in New York compared to other states.

In a strongly worded letter to the state’s top environmental regulator, the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York said many of the Department of Environmental Conservation’s proposals are far too restrictive and “do not send the signal that New York state is ‘open for business.”‘

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Pro-drilling groups (officially) launch new coalition

New Pro HydroFracking Coalition Forms

Senator Libous: If We Hydrofrack, “We Wouldn’t Need Any Taxes”


Senator Libous: If We Hydrofrack, “We Wouldn’t Need Any Taxes”


Marcellus Shale may produce local jobs

October 17, 2011 By NICHOLAS L. DEAN – OBSERVER Mayville Bureau
A study released by the state Department of Environmental Conservation detailed how natural gas production of the Marcellus Shale could bring upward of 50,000 jobs to New York….
Further, according to Gill, the fact sheet briefly describes the many layers of laws and rules that help ensure the public that the industry continues to operate under New York state and federal laws and works actively to protect our environment.
The fact sheet and others are available online at the IOGA of New York website www.iogany.org and on the Marcellus Facts blog site www.marcellusfacts.com/blog/education
Drilling for Jobs:

Must see CBC slide presentation – Time for a Turnaround: Facing Fiscal Reality in New York State

An eye opening compilation !