Towns and Counties call for RGGI repeal, AFP lawsuit proceeds. Jobs jeopardized; High electric rates; Improper taxation!

Shuyler County Joins Niagara and 7 other Towns in Calls for Governor and State Legislature to Withdraw from RGGI

UPDATE: Thursday, November 17th 2011 by Lisa Thrun

For the past three years, New York has participated in the RGGI Cap & Trade scheme without the authorization of the state Legislature! Already this Cap & Trade energy tax has cost New York businesses and ratepayers a staggering $327 MILLION!

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Americans for Prosperity continues to educate citizens about this Cap & Trade scheme that threatens to drive our electricity rates through the roof and kill thousands of jobs across New York. AFP’S “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” TOUR: AFP led a tour throughout the state during the week of October 10-15 from Niagara County to Rockland County!

Taxation Without Representation: Cap & Trade In New YorkTaxation Without Representation: Cap & Trade In New York

For the past three years, New York has been unlawfully participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Cap & Trade scheme. Now, AFP is fighting back against this Cap & Trade energy tax that threatens to destroy thousands of jobs and drive up electricity rates in the Empire State.

New Yorkers already pay the second highest electricity rates in the nation and we cannot afford this additional tax on our electricity bills!

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Now it is up to you and me to fight back!  

CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR REPRESENTATIVES IN ALBANY A MESSAGE: STOP THE RGGI CAP & TRADE TAX NOW! – Send a message to your representatives in Albany that you’ve had enough. Tell them it’s time to stand up for beleaguered taxpayers in New York and not to abdicate their role as your elected representative to the executive branch.


New York’s participation in RGGI only exists by Executive order from former Governor Patterson. Call or e-mail the current governor and urge him to rescind and withdraw New York from the job-killing RGGI Cap & Trade scheme before it’s too late!

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
(518) 474-8390
CLICK HERE to e-mail the governor’s office

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