UCC: Stop Unfunded State Mandates


Join the fight and help put an end to unfunded / underfunded State Mandates.

Background (Preamble):New York State has some of the highest school and property taxes in the nation. Unfunded and underfunded mandates passed down from both the federal level and state level are to blame.The taxpayers of New York are fleeing the state in record numbers. We need to put pressure on our representatives in both Albany and Washington to make changes before it is too late. Sign our petition and make your voices heard!

Petition:We the undersigned, the hardworking taxpayers of New York demand relief from the overbearing State and Federal mandates that have been illegally placed upon us.We can no longer afford to live in a state that has the highest property taxes as a percentage of income in the nation.



Unfunded State Mandates HANDOUT (pdf)